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How to right choose Eyelash Extensions for Your Eye Shape


If you’re not gifted with naturally thick and long eyelash, you have the best option of buying eyelash extensions and feeling fully confident about your personality and appearance. There is a wide range of eyelash extensions available in the the type of extension you buy will largely depend on your eye shape.

There are different types of extensions that are made for the different shape of your eyes. So let’s have a look at the below list containing information regarding different eyelash extension kit so that you can choose the right extensions that suit best for you.

What Is Your Eye Shape?

Almond Eye


Eyelash Extensions


An almond eye shape is also known as the cat eye. According to traditional beauty standards, this eye shape is considered as the most beautiful eye shape. The best thing about this eye shape is that it can pick almost any look. Longer eyelash extensions suit best with among shape eyes as it applied in the center of the eyes to widen it. Many other types of extensions also work well with this eye shape buy generally it depends on your personal preference.

Celebrities with Almond eyes include; Angelina Jolie, Emma Watson, Beyonce, and Olivia Wilde.

Hooded Eyes

Eyelash Extensions

Hooded eyes define how the fold of the eyelid cover some of your eyelids when you open your eyes. For this type of eye shape, we commonly recommend longer eyelash extensions as it can ge applied in the center of the eyes so that it with the help of eyelashes eyes can widen up as much as possible.

Celebrities with hooded eyes include; Taylor Lautner, Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, Robert Pattinson, and Emily Vancamp.

Round Eyes

Round Eyes

If you have big round eyes, you’re easily able to see white around your iris. For round eye shape, wispy lashes are an ideal choice. It will create a stunning cat-eye shape and look for shorter length lashes and a curled options this will keep your eye look good.

Celebrities with round eyes include Ashley Olsen, Jayma Mays, Mary Louise Parker, Nicole Richie, Katy Perry, and Twiggy

Deep-Set Eyes

Eyelash Extensions

Just like the name suggests, deep-set eyes are deep under your eyebrow bone. Luckily people with this eye shape can add and opt for all the drama with eyelash extensions. Your extensions should have longer lashes so that it will widen up your eyes and can enhance they’re size.

Celebs with Deep-Set eyes include Olivia Palermo


Even though they’re are 5 main styles, they’re can be varied in thickness, length of lash and curl of the flash also the number of eyelashes a professional lash tech will be able to tailor your lashed to suit best not only your eye shape but your personal style too.


Eyelash Extensions

Monolids means no crease on your eyes. When your eye crease is not parallel and is also hidden sometimes when you open your eyes, that means you have monolid or tapered eye shape. This eye shape is usually common for Asian Women. For monolid eye shape, we recommend a voluminous set of lashes that will definitely add shape and dimension to your eye.

Celebrities with Monolids eyes include Ahn Sohee, Jinwoon, Lee Jong Suk, Bang Minah, and Lee Suhyun.

Protruding eyes

Protruding eyes

Protruding eyes are opposite of deep-set eyes. These eyes are very similar to round eyes which means you need not to make your eyes more longer. So lash extension best for this is a lash that has fullness and extra length, especially in the outer corner of eyes this will draw attention to your beautiful eyes.

Celebs with protruding eyes include Sophie Dahl, Stella McCartney, and Susan Sarandon.

Downturned Eyes

Downturned eyes will have they’re corners leaning downward. This type of eye shape with the help of mink individual lashes can enhance the eye look longer, fuller and larger.

Celebs with downturned-eyes include Taylor Swift’s and Jennifer Aniston’s.

Types of eyelash extensions

Doll Eyelashes

Doll Eyelashes

This eyelash extension is best for small eyes that are not gifted with big eyes. Buy with the help of doll eyelashes you can make your eye look larger. If you have downturned eyes or wide set and want to make your eyes look wider than opt for this lash extension.

Cat eyelashes extensions

Cat eye lashes extensions

This type of eyelash extensions is best for close-set eyes or round eyes. Cat eye extension will offer you with eyes that look to extend outwards, to makes your eyes look wide.

Staggered eyelash extensions

Staggered eyelash extensions

This eyelash extension is applied by combining short and long lashes. After mixing get done women who opt for this look get thick and full. This really looks fantastic and if you want to create voluminous with dense natural lashes like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian.

Mink eyelash extension

Mink eyelash extension

Mink and signature extension styles both are quite the same. But the only difference between both is that mink lashes are made from real mink fur. These Lashes are lightweight and flexible and are easy to apply.

Glam eyelash extension

Glam eyelash extension

Glam eyelashes are for women who want to get a bold and daring look. This type of lashes is thicker than other extensions styles. Usually, women can opt for this style for Christmas parties, weddings, and give your eyes stand outlook.

Custom Eyelash Extensions


Glam eyelash extension

If you are not satisfied with any other extension styles mentioned above then you can ask your beauty technician to get you to customize eyelash extensions. Your eyelash technician will provide you with the lashes you’ve dreamed of having.

Wrapping it up

Whatever lash extension styles you choose, make sure to consult with any professional eyelash technician first. The eyelash extensions style your technician will recommend is solely based on your eye shape. Thus, do research on your eye shape and then choose for the best eyelash extension kit to make your eyes beautiful naturally.


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