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Exactly How Use Eyelash Extensions Products Step By Step


Eyelash extension technique is used to lengthen eyelashes with naturalness, and flexibility of the hair. It is a procedure that gives an instant improvement of you’re overall appearance. Though the results are immediate, they need you to spend more then 2 hours at the salon. The problem with fragile and thin lashes is solved immediately with the help of eyelash extensions and glue.

The artist in the salon applies silk, synthetic fur or mink eyelash extensions to you’re natural lashes. Different methods, varieties of lashes and the result you can attain are so wide, that extensions become one of the most popular methods for getting beautiful lashes.

Lash extension application is not a tough task for a person who has some basic skills. Buy, it is not the easiest process and needs a lot of patience and skills. Farthermore, there are various easier alternatives of applying for lashes extensions. To know the read the article below and see for yourself.


Get ready the working area where all the procedure is going to be done. Put all the materials in advance ready on the stretcher so that you need not have to move again and again in search of the materials. In a ceramic cloth add acetone with nail polish remover and place it in the tweezer to be utilized later in the procedure.

The professional must maintain the hygiene. Put the mouth mask and wash the hands with purifying soap. As the procedure cannot be done with dirty hands it can effect the customer’s skin and reduces you’re salon reputation.

Carefully decide what result you want to get. Eyelash extension application should be preceded by a brief interview during which the professionals comes to know what are the client’s choices. Because matching with the client expectation is what you’re objective is. Give some handy advice regarding the method and also it’s diverse effects. As sometimes what a client wants is not possible to obtain, thus it is very necessary to make it clear before to the procedure.

Clean the eye area with water-based eye makeup remover by a tissue. Take adhesive plaster and cut them into two strips to adhere stick the paper into the skin properly. Put the protector paper on the lower eyelid.

Eyelash Extensions Products2

Place two strips in the form of ‘X’ below the lower lashes. Take a glass godet and put some amount of eyelash extension adhesive in it.

Take some amount of lashes of the numbers to utilize, and fix them on the sponge lash. With the help of curved tweezers, take the extension selected by the center.

With the help of straight tweezers for eyelash extensions, select you’re natural lash. Make sure to avoid touching the eyelid with tweezers. Merge the half adhesive with the extension. Place the eyelash extension on you’re natural lashes from 1mm and wait for sticking slowly.

To fasten the drying process of the glued extensions, you can use the dryer that is specially made for extensions.
Do not dry too much as it can become irritating or annoying. To get the process done perfectly it is good to apply 5 extensions per eye in a series. The process will be done sooner and in a perfect manner.

If someone requested for fast service, than you can apply a series of 2-3 extensions per eye.

After completing the service to check the uniformity of the extension application combed the extension with the help of a mascara brush or any soft brush.

 Eyelash Extensions Products

After testing, softly take off the adhesive plasters. If you see that the papers get overly attached, remove it gently with the help of a cotton cloth moistened it with eye make remover before using.

Few points to know prior to eyelash extension application

Is it safe?

Their are some safety concerns attached to the procedure as long as you are utilizing a trustworthy lash service. Very few instances have been noted where the eyelash extension glue used in the procedure to stick the lash has created some allergic reaction causing swelling and redness, but don’t worry this doesn’t happen every time.

Cost of the eyelashes

Eyelash extensions will cost in price between 70-300 dollars, depending on the number of lashes that have been put to the natural lash line. The number of lashes that are used can vary between 25-80. If you want to buy more spend less then wholesale lashes are best to purchase. Their are numerous online sites supplying eyelash extensions at wholesale price.

Lash extension length

Their are lashes with length as few as twenty-five to as many as eighty. You can choose according to the length you want. However, remember double lengths can damage you’re natural lashes as more glue is used in the applying procedure. Glue can damage you’re natural lashes if applied in big amount. So always consider the length of the extension and you’re natural lash health.

Who should consider lash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are the best and the instant way for women trying to get thick and long eyelashes. Aster are women’s with lashes only 3mm long for them eyelash extension kit is the gift from God.

How long do they last?

The eyelash extensions last for maximum a month only when they are applied by a professional. As they adhere to the natural eyelashes, they will easily fall off of the natural lash after a month. If you want to extend the period you can do it by proper care like do not let the lashes contact with water can extend the time.

If you are looking for an ideal and easy way to get the length and full lash look, than eyelash extensions are the best to try option than applying mascara on you’re lashes every day. With the help of the above-mentioned information, one could easily decide whether it is ideal to go for lash extension application or not. You can buy you’re selected eyelash extension kit and get it applied by a skilled professional at any salon.


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