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9 most popular type of hair extensions


Hair extensions have earned a reputation for being less damaging, high maintenance and extravagance.

Tape-In-hair extensions


When someone wants to have great length, high volume healthy hairs, this option comes in handy.

You have to be quite more careful while using hair products as this can cause the hair extension tape to come slip off. This is the only and the most common problem with the tape-ins extension. Due to this, hairdressers usually suggest using special conditioner and shampoo that are not harsh and not oily to make sure the glue sticks to your natural hairs properly.

Tape hair extensions are precisely what they seem like! The extensions are pre-taped and after that taped/stuck together alone hair. Normally a beautician would apply tape-ins for you since you have to adjust them to the roots. This procedure, as a rule, takes around 40 minutes – 1hr to apply and if the extensions are in great condition, they can be re-utilized.

Fusion & Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions


Fusion and Pre Bonded- hair extensions are stuck to natural hair by using different adhesives like glue. It takes maximum 3 hours to apply for pre-bonded hair extensions. This type of hair extension is not for all clients most importantly if you have poor hairs that do not use this hair extension as it can damage your natural hair to great extent. For this procedure, a hot glue gun is used which glues the small hair portions with the natural hair.

Fusion hair extensions applications us easily manageable and need care like the way to care your original hair. You do not have to switch to may special hair products use products that you use generally for your original hairs.

Micro rings hair extensions


This type of hair extension is also called as micro-loop or micro-bead extension, so do not confuse yourself if you hear different names of this hair extension. This hair extension is applied in a manner by lopping the hair extension by the natural hair. After that, you can set it down with the help of tool and metal ring. This method also takes up to 1 hour to apply.

These Hair extensions require re-positioning in every 2 months as your original hair grows and the clips move away from your scalp. The ring/bead method can damage your hair to some extent.

Clip-in hair extensions


Clip_in hair extensions are also known as clip-in wefts. It comes in a set of contoured pieces in which some can be shorter or longer. You just have to clip the pieces in your hair. To remove them you just need to unclip the clips attached to the extensions. Like the way you clipped them, in the same manner, unclip them.

Wigs and hair pieces


Wigs and hairpieces available in different variety and can be applied to your natural hair topically. This covers your entire head thus if you have short hair or you are completely bald then choosing this type of hair extension is best for you as it will cover your the entire head. The hairpieces are quite different as compare to other hair extensions because they often come in a shape of ponytail or bun so that you can put it straight up on the top of your hair.

Sew in Hair Extension


Applying Sew-In hair extensions is done with the help of wefts of hair. Weft Is also an extension that sewn hair together in one place. Wefts can vary from 3 to 12 in width. It I also easy to apply and to remove cut the threads with scissors and than the wefts get easily removed. This method requires some very good skills.

Keratin Bond hair extension


Keratin hair extensions are also known by so many other names, including i-tips, u-tips, bonding hair, fusion hair extension, pre-bonded hair, bonded hair extensions. These extensions come with an adhesive that is keratin bases and is melted to create a strong bond with your natural hair. Keratin bond will last for more then 4-6 month.

Everyone loves the beautiful long hair! Due to some reasons, you do not have long hair you can go for any above-mentioned hair extensions to get the perfect dream look. You can make numerous types of hairstyles as extensions can be straightened, curled as well as colored or bleached. Getting extensions have become so easy that means you can order extensions online from the reputed sites. Check all the major and minor details before getting the extension for your natural hairs. Good luck!

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